SQLSmart Server Scripter


A unique tool for scripting SQL Server server-level objects and configurations providing functionality missing in conventional tools including SSMS. 

  • Please note that for licensing purposes you would need to purchase as many licenses as the number of SQL Server Instances you plan to migrate/move.  For instance, if you plan to migrate three instances, you would then need to purchase three licenses.   We strongly recommend that you install the program with an account that has administrative privileges.




You would be surprised to find out that many SQL Server migrations/moves are delayed or fail due to unintentional errors and or one or more missing configurations or permissions that were not transferred.

SQLSmart Server Scripter was developed to cover this gap in an error-free manner.  It is a powerful application that, with only a single click and in just one iteration, provides the ability to generate DDL scripts for practically all SQL Server-level objects like logins, backup devices, linked servers, server configurations, server permissions and roles with pinpoint accuracy.



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