Server Scripter

SQLSmart Server Scripter, developed primarily to facilitate error-free SQL Server instance migrations, is a unique tool for scripting SQL Server server-level objects and configurations using a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that provides functionality missing in conventional tools including SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

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SQLSmart Server Scripter is a powerful application that, with only a single click and in just one iteration, provides the ability to generate DDL scripts for practically all SQL Server-level objects like logins, backup devices, linked servers, server configurations, server permissions and roles in one iteration with pinpoint accuracy.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of features offered by SQLSmart Server Scripter along with samples as used in the GUI:

  • Script out server-level Audits
    Audits: a*
  • Script out Backup Devices
    Backup Devices: [b-d]*
  • Script out Credentials and retrieve the passwords (using an opensource software)
    Credentials: *
  • Script out Cryptographic Providers
    Cryptographic Providers: *
  • Script out Endpoints
    Endpoints: *
  • Script out SQL Agent Jobs
    SQL Agent Jobs: *
  • Script out Linked Servers and retrieve the passwords (using an opensource software)
    Linked Servers: *
  • Script out logins
    Logins: *
  • Script our server configurations
    Server Configurations: *
Suppose you wanted to migrate a SQL Server and needed to capture its current state. This translates into generating scripts for:
Using SSMS and perhaps most of the SQL scripting tool in the market:
In contrast, using SQLSmart Server Scripter, you can generate the scripts for all of the above items in one attempt:
Here are the screenshots for the steps in SQLSmart Server Scripter:
Here is the abridged SQL output generated by SQLSmart Server Scripter:

One of the interesting features of SQLSmart Server Scripter is that in all cases it allows the use of wildcards for script generation.

For instance, you can:
1. script all system defined Audits whose name starts with “a” through “h” using “[a-h]*”.
2. script all Backup Devices whose name starts with “c” or “z” using “[cz]*”.
3. script all Logins whose name starts with “dom” using “dom*”.
4. script all Server Permissions for “View Server State” or “Connect SQL” using “View Server State*; Connect Sql*”.

To get the CREATE script for Backup Device named “bkupdev1”, simply type fill in GUI as shown to the right:

Backup Devices: bkupdev1;

Pick your “app” (app1 here); and
Click the “Generate SQL” button.

slider image

The above will generate the output shown on the right once the “Generate SQL” button is clicked:

slider image

To get the CREATE scripts for all Backup Devices that have the name “bkupdev” in them, simply use “*bkupdev*”:

BackupDevices: *bkupdev*;

slider image